Monday, 4 June 2007

The End and The Beginning

Today I've finish doing my degree studies. At last, I've done it. Hope i'll get a good result. The 2 earlier paper kinda hard for me cause kinda distracted. Hard to focus to my study. I dun think i can score that paper. But today's paper kinda easy for me. I can answer confidently.

Receive a phone call from Johnson, he claim that he love ain so much. The thing is i've send a msg told him to stop bothering ain. She told me that johnson is kinda bothering her everyday. She traumatize with him. Ain told me she doesn't want to be bother anymore. But she afraid to him. johnson told me that ain ask him to buy a MP4 for her. Hard to believe that statement. I've no idea which MP4 he mean. The white MP4, ain claim that is hers. She bought that mp4 since February. I never saw that mp4 before but lately i just saw she carry it with her. Hmm. Mistery. I dunno what to believe. I hope she is not lying to me. I hope what hv she said to me are true n she mean it.

There's alot things happen lately. Some sad new and some that i couldn't believe. I really hope Ainz can handeld her problem n As3 aku harap ko sabar dan tabah k.

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