Monday, 12 October 2009

BlackBerry Bold 9000

Now I felt like buying this one. My phone line is ready. Just make one call n activate the BB service. The main problem is I dun have enough money yet to buy this phone. Sedey nyer. When you really2 want it, tp ada halangan. Maybe is not yet the time or maybe I won't be own this kinda phone. Sedey nyer. Nak buat installment mcm x boleh jek when buat kira2 for about another 2 years. Confirm nak beli mcm2. Well sometimes we can only dream about what we want. Tp x boleh kita nak capai benda tu. Well I'll try my best to get it. Pray for me guys. BB community xmo donate BB phone to me ke? Hehehe.

Oh why I really like this phone cause at BB family the best phone to me is Bold. Sbb dia ada HSDPA support + wifi + GPS. Benda2 nie jek aku nak. Hehe. Dan sebab utama dia cousin2 aku semua bercommunity menggunakan BB. Ampeh. Ble aku xde bb xmo add aku dalam circle dorang. Siol laa. Aku mcm terkurang info. Siot la kan. Mcm kene pulau jek aku rasa.