Sunday, 11 January 2009

A very bz weekend

What a busy week. Try to log in and post something but too busy with things so i didn't manage to post anything until today. Last Wednesday I went to visit BizCom Kuala Terengganu and had a meeting there with MARA and BizCom guys over there. A very tiring drive from KL to Kuala Terengganu. KT is in the middle of small election. So there is lot of policemen in KT. I heard there is about 6k policemen down there. Huhuhu. I stayed one night at Rumah Rehat MARA. Thank you Mr. Ahmad Zuriat for letting us stayed with you.

Wake up late that morning cause when you travel far you get so tired. Ahaks. Bong call Mr Jalil to postpone the meeting in Kuantan later on evening after lunch. After we all finish meeting and clear things out there in BizCom Kuantan, me and bong when to Padang Lalang to see Bong's Car. He got some trouble with his car. His engine crack after some racing with the Toyota LE super charger. Pity him. After that we go for eat at Tanjung Lumpur and Bad treat us with Siakap 3 rasa and Sotong goreng tepung. Tq bad. Hope to see you again. Arrive home at 11.30pm.

As usual, I when back to the office. I spend lots of time with Hisyam coz he will be transfer to Taiping a become The PMD for Taiping/Selama&Larut Matang. I enjoyed having him as my officemate. He teach me a lot of things. After saying good bye. I when back home and start busy with the preparation of my niece 'Cukur Jambul' and my sister's enggagement. Late at night I when to Cheras to pick Ain. I ask her for help.

Start the busy day with washing the trays, pots and other stuff. Lots of things to do. Wish I have many brothers to help me with the works. Pity me! I didn't hv time to clean myself and only have time to get a bath after the ceremony. I'm so so so so tired. Thank you to all people that give their hands to help my family. Thank you very much.

Wake up arround 10am and start finishing the left-over cleaning part and finish arroung 2pm.

There goes the story of my life for this weekend. Tq for reading. Sorry dun hve time to upload picture. Maybe next time i try to load some.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Year 2009?

Wow. Almost a year i didn't post anything. Today its already 2009. Wow that fast. Is like i'm posting once a year. Ahaks. Do I hv a reader ? Hik hik. If I do. So sorry cause i didn't do much of posting. Been bz with life plus i didn't hv a pc. Mine broken already. Need to buy new pc. For this year 1st posting I would like to share my plans for 2009.

My wish for this year are, 1st Getting enggage. 2nd try to fulfill my wishlist. Ahaks. So many things that I wish but yet I hv to slowly get them 1 by 1. Wish I am a billionaire so that I can get all my wishes in a blink. Ahaks.

Blinked after a blinked, almost 2 years i've been with Ainiladly. So it's time for me to go 1 step futher. My parents pun dah bising. So I guess 2009 is the year for me to get enggage. But 1st have to buy "Cincin Merisik & Cincin Tunang" slowly I'll buy the things for hantaran. So that it wouldn't burden me much to spend one lum sum. So the plan is to go merisik on January after my sister's enggagement. Then follow by enggagement on May 2009. So I have about 5 month to prepare the hantaran. So i dun think i will burden me much.

Then the next plan, Go holidays with family at Bandung Indonesia on 29-31 March 2009, After Bandung is Kinabalu time. I hope my work does not interupt all my plans. Pray for me guys. Ohh forget Kinabalu is on the 23-28 April 2009.

Then May Enggagement month. Huhu. Direct. Do I hv all the money? Oh god. I praying to hv enough money. Oh God give me courage to get through 2009. Amin.

p/s: I got a new hobby. Fishing. hehehe. Some people doesn't like fishing. Fishing teach you to get tough cause u always got frustated when u didn't catch any. Pity! But we have to be patient. Just let it go. Bait some more.